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Propel your business forward with our HSBC Fusion services

At HSBC Fusion, we want to help you achieve new heights by helping you manage and control your personal and professional finances. We are more than just a bank. Apply now New window

What HSBC Fusion can do for you

We'll provide insight on how you can manage your business and personal finances, so you can stay on top of it.

Connect to the services and support you need to get everything done.

Get access to funding, advice and new opportunities that will take you closer to where you want to go next.

Products (Chinese only)

We are here to help you meet your daily operation fund needs. Loan quota can be recycled for better cash flow.

We offer equal principal repayment to reduce your burden in one-off repayment.

The loan period can be up to 5 years. We assit you in purchasing commercial or industrial assets or machinery equipment for your own use for better expansion, transformation and development.

Selected for you

We are here to help you meet your daily operation fund needs. Loan quota can be recycled for better cash flow.

Dual Currency Investment is a non-capital protected structured investment product. By linking to the performance of foreign exchange rates, it  offers the opportunities to earn a potential return, as well as meet your foreign currency investment needs. 

To protect the employees of the insured during the insurance period in the course of employment, this insurance product provides comprehensive cover for your legal liability (incl. legal costs) to your employees' loss when engaging your business work as listed in the policy. The employees' loss refers to accidental injury, work related disease, or injury, disability and death caused by work related accidents.

The above insurance product information is for reference only, the actual coverage and all the information related to the product are subject to the official product documentation.

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We welcome independent business owners with an annual turnover of up to USD5 million. Tell us more about you and your business, and we’ll do the rest.

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Once we’ve handled the paperwork, you’ll be good to go. We aim to get you up and running in 6 business days.

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HSBC Fusion helps small business owners better manage business and personal life by providing insights, advice and opportunities, helping you to take your company to the next level. Join our RBB Customer Segmentation Program now and you will have the opportunity to gain a complimentary gift!

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We have collaborated with Kingdee for this exclusive offer on the Kingdee Cloud ERP purchasing software for small businesses. This offer is open to new and existing HSBC Fusion customers. 


HSBC Fusion’s newly launched RBB Customer Segmentation Program offers a one fee solution to fulfill specific needs of small business allowing you greater control of your bank account.