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Renminbi Savings Account

Meet your daily financial needs with instant access to your account and earn interest at the same time.

Key features

  • Fast and convenient access to deposit, withdrawal and transfer services
  • Access your account via HSBC branches, Phone Banking and Online Banking

How to Apply

 HSBC Premier customers


 HSBC Advance customers


 Other customers


Please dial China country code +86 if you are calling from overseas


Account Type
Key Feature

Minimum Balance Requirement


Renminbi Settlement Account
For cash deposits, withdrawal and transfer
Renminbi Current Account
Cheque book facility provided
Overseas Renminbi Savings Account
For receiving RMB remittance from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan and providing domestic cash withdrawal services only. Payment, settlement and transfer services are not available for this account (for permanent residents of Hong Kong/Macau Special Administrative Region or Taiwan residents only).
Overseas Renminbi Settlement Account For receiving self-named RMB remittance from Taiwan, plus domestic cash withdrawal services and local payment and transfer services (for Taiwan residents only).

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Frequently Asked Questions